Who are we?

globalHOME is an organisation consisting of students from The University of Sydney who share an interest in international health.

We run events to raise awareness about Global Health issues including the Millennium Development Goals, poverty and maternal and child health. We also raise funds for international charities, and inform students of opportunities to learn/volunteer overseas.

Our mission is “To inspire and encourage students to promote health opportunities and medical equality globally.”

Our objectives:


  • To provide education regarding issues of international health and development
  • To encourage student awareness about opportunities for involvement in international health and development


  • To increase access and simplify process for students wanting to participate in international health activities
  • To identify and maintain partnerships with people and organisations that students can support; or from whom students may gain knowledge and insight


  • To encourage the telling of experiences from people with diverse involvement in international health and development
    To provide a forum for discussion and collegiality amongst students who share a passion for international health


Global HOME held its first meeting on 5th April 2006 and there were 27 people in attendance. The group has adopted a non-hierarchical structure consisting of a Chair and Secretary with executive members adopting functional roles related to various projects. Meetings are held at The University of Sydney on a monthly basis. Check our calendar for the latest events.