Tuesday 13th October 2015
New Law Seminar Room 105

Are you interested in being part of the GlobalHOME exec team for 2016? Joining GlobalHOME opens up doors for new opportunities and will allow you to develop skills such as leadership, communication, and event management. It’s also lots of fun!!! You will meet and work with the most inspiring people who will drive you to make positive change in the world.

The following positions will be elected:
– Chair
– Vice Chair, AMSA Global Health Representative
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Academic coordinators (up to 2)
– Event coordinators (up to 2)
If you have any questions about the positions, or would like to be nominated, please send a short blurb to

In 2015, GlobalHOME reached new heights. We have expanded our organisation to engage a greater number of students from diverse backgrounds in global health issues. We have coordinated successful initiatives such as our Global Health Seminar Series, Red Week for HIV Awareness, Electives Night, Care Package Workshop for Children in Detention, Healthy living tutorials for refugee children in the community, and the Fossil Free Divestment Campaign. We hope to continue this work and strengthen our existing partnerships in 2016.