Education Series – Healthcare when disaster strikes

Medical humanitarian aid is the most immediate and tangible assistance we can offer to those in disaster zones worldwide. In this seminar we heard from 2 inspirational speakers, Dr Stewart Condon and Dr Timothy Gray, who each shared their experiences working and saving lives in disaster zones around the world.

Dr Stewart Condon is the current president of the Australian board of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). He has done various field placements with Médecins Sans Frontières since 2004 in Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as medical doctor, field coordinator and country medical coordinator. He has worked in emergency departments around NSW and Queensland, as a rural medical practitioner in indigenous communities of Central Australia and also has experience working in Sydney prisons.

Dr Timothy Gray has deployed with AUSMAT to rural Pakistan following the floods in 2010 as well as to Tacloban following the typhoon of November 2013. AUSMAT teams, run by the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre, are designed to be self-sufficient, experienced teams that can rapidly respond to a disaster zone to provide life saving treatment to casualties, in support of the local health response.

Education Series – Communicable Diseases in a Communication Age

In our first seminar, Communicable Diseases in a Communications Age, we heard from two fantastic speakers, Prof. Raina MacIntyre, head of school of public health at UNSW, who talked about infection outbreaks and bioterrorism, and Dr Phil Jaksa, who spoke about the work of One Disease, an organisation dedicated to eliminating preventable disease in remote Indigenous communities, with a focus on scabies.




Red Week Seminar: The Global Response to HIV: Where Are We Now?

The Red Week seminar on the global response to HIV was well attended by our medical students.

Dr Bridget Haire, the current president of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, spoke about the social response to HIV.

Dr Shailendra Sawleshwarkar, a clinical academic at the Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre, spoke about the UNAIDS goals, and the possibility of ending HIV.

A/Prof Catherine O’Connor, the director of the Sexual Health Service at RPA, spoke about her commitment to teaching and clinical practice in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.


A. Dr Bridget Haire. B. Dr Shailendra Sawleshwarkar. C. A/Prof Catherine O’Connor. D. GlobalHOME team attendees. Question time from the audience. E.