Past Events

Global Health Exchange Partnerships 2015

For Stage 3 Year Medical Students, Applications for Elective placements via the Office for Global Health exchange partnerships are now open*. Applications close at 9am Monday, 18th May 2015. Please refer to http://sydney.edu.au/global-health/students/outbound/applying.php for more information and application form.

*Kindly note that placements at Karolinska, Copenhagen, NUS, Technion & Zambia have closed.


Electives Night 2015
The Electives Night is an annual information seminar targeted at second and third year medical students who are planning for an international clinical placement ranging between four and eight weeks in duration. This year’s electives night will be held on Wednesday 4th of March at 5:15 at Bosch Lecture Theatre 2. Come along to hear about the experiences and attractions of a number of electives, find out about the logistics of organising an elective and discover sponsorship opportunities!

Applications for electives and extramural placements with the Office of Global Health close 9am Monday, 9th March 2015

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More information can be found at the Office of Global Health: