One Disease

The health of Indigenous Australians is sometimes neglected when we think of global health. One Disease, an organisation dedicated to improving the health of remote Indigenous communities, recently launched their #inkforgood campaign. Inkforgood aims to raise funds to get rid of scabies from remote communities. Two champions Craig Hand and Janis Blums have pledged to get a tattoo if they raise their target donation goals. Why? Because the only thing that should get under the skin of any Australian is a tattoo, not scabies! The donations are all going to One Disease, committed to eliminating scabies.

These two everyday heroes are pledging to make a commitment for life, and if they’re prepared to get a tattoo, why not throw in a donation? After all, it will show you care…and hurt somewhat less! For more information and to show your support, please visit

AMSA Online course


If you want to learn more about global health, we would strongly recommend you take the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) online course, Global Academy. Course enrollment is open now!

AMSA New Global Health Conference


AMSA’s 2016 New Global Health Conference will be held 26 – 30 August in Newcastle. NewGHC will unite 600+ medical students from around Australia with a vision to inspire, empower and connect a new generation of medical students to become advocates for global health issues, and make us aware that clinicians can no longer work in isolation from the world; rather, their practice is the world.

No Business In Abuse


The Now Business In Abuse campaign is calling on companies, organisations and Universities to boycott commercial agreements corporations who profit from the human suffering in Australia’s detention centres. NBIA is currently campaigning the University of Sydney administration to endorse the NBIA pledge, and not to engage any companies working in the mandatory detention industry. NBIA believes that companies should:

  • Have zero tolerance for child abuse
  • Respect people’s fundamental rights to freedom from arbitrary and indefinite detention
  • Not treat people in a cruel, inhumane or degrading manner
  • Commit to transparency and independent monitoring to ensure these principles are upheld

Support their campaign here